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20 Friday July 2018
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 Dr. Masoud Salavati Introduced as the Most Prolific Researcher of Iran
Dr. Masoud Salavati, faculty member of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology Research Center of University of Kashan, was introduced as the most prolific Iranian researcher of 2016, asserted Dr. Majid Monemzadeh, deputy of research and technology of University of Kashan
25 Wednesday January 2017  13:47:8
 University of Kashan, Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism Sign MOC
University of Kashan Chancellor announced the signature of a Memorandum of Cooperation in scientific, research, and educational fields with Research Institute of Cultural Heritage and Tourism.
18 Wednesday January 2017  14:46:46
 First Ph.D. Student of Power Engineering Graduates from University of Kashan
Saber Felahati, as the first Ph.D. student of power engineering, defended his dissertation entitled “Frequency Setting of Smart Grids Using Electric Cars” and succeeded in graduating with the Excellent degree.
18 Wednesday January 2017  14:46:14
 University of Kashan among World's Top Universities
In its latest list, Essential Science Indicator (ESI) database ranked University of Kashan among world’s top universities.
14 Saturday January 2017  13:56:45
 University of Kashan Student Book among Best Student Books of the Year
Mahdi Saeedi, Ph.D. student of Persian language and literature of University of Kashan ranks first in 23th Student Book Festival in Humanities section by his book “War Fiction in Iran”.
8 Sunday January 2017  9:9:59
 First Ph.D. Student of Watershed Management Graduates from University of Kashan
Heydar Ebrahimi, as the first Ph.D. student of Watershed Management of University of Kashan, defended his dissertation and was graduated with the Excellent Degree.
1 Sunday January 2017  9:26:31
 University of Kashan to Construct a 10-megawatt Solar Power Plant with Foreign Investments
University of Kashan and Elektra Technologies International Ltd. signed a memorandum of understanding on constructing a 10-megawatt solar power plant in University of Kashan.
31 Saturday December 2016  11:33:21
 Dr. Mansouri’s Letter in Defense of Iranian Scientific Community in Science Magazine
Doctor Reza Mansouri, Head of the Saeedi Institute for Advanced Studies, in defense of the dignity of the Iranian scientific community and in response to reports of Richard Stone on plagiarism in Iran, published a letter in the latest issue of Science journal.
31 Saturday December 2016  10:31:45
 First Ph.D. Student of Mining Engineering Graduates From University of Kashan
First Ph.D. students of Mining Engineering was graduated from University of Kashan, said Mohammad Almasi Kashi, Deputy Director of Training and Higher Educations.
28 Monday November 2016  8:23:58
 Abbas Akbari’s Ceramic Tile Adds Beauty to Monumental Mural in Poland
A piece of tile artwork from “The Sky of Kashan” series by Iranian ceramic artist Abbas Akbari has decorated the “Let’s Meet” monumental ceramic mural in Wroclaw, Poland.
14 Monday November 2016  11:13:7
 First Archaeology Graduate Student of University of Kashan to Defend Dissertation
7 Monday November 2016  21:20:18
 University of Basrah Chancellor visits University of Kashan
Dr. Al-Hesani, Basra University Chancellor, visited university of Kashan and met and discussed with Kashan University Chancellor, said Director of International Scientific Cooperation Office.
7 Monday November 2016  13:58:39
 University of Kashan Satellite Design Team Climbs National Competition
Manager of Technology and Scientific Communications of University of Kashan acknowledged the admission of satellite designing team to the third phase (preliminary and detailed design) of Student Persian CubeSat Competition.
6 Sunday November 2016  16:7:54
 Professor Nouri Moghadam: Interdisciplinary Science is Key to Scientific Development
29 Saturday October 2016  18:58:0
 Kashan to be the National Pole of Video Games
On October 18th, Head and Deputy of Research Center of University of Kashan met and discussed various cooperation possibilities with Dr. Sajad Nayeri, Director of the Staff on Soft Technologies and Identity Establishing.
29 Saturday October 2016  18:55:46
 Science Minster Called for Universities to Be Task Oriented and Entrepreneurial
In a meeting with the presence of the University council, donors and contributors, Dr. Farhadi, the Iranian Minister of Science, Research and Technology said the universities should be task oriented, entrepreneurial and productive.
28 Tuesday June 2016  13:17:56
 Prof. Zeraat Visited Austria and Italy to Expand Academic Ties
In a trip to Austria and Italy, 7-13 June 2016, Prof Zeraat and his accompanying delegation paid visits to a couple of universities and research institutes in order to extend various areas of international cooperation.
22 Wednesday June 2016  13:26:14
 Higher Education Minister: Science and Technology Park to be established at the University of Kashan
Dr. Mohammad Farhadi, the Iranian minister for Science, Research, and Technology announced the news on his press conference while visiting the University of Kashan on 16th June, 2016.
18 Saturday June 2016  13:37:27
 Collaboration between University of Kashan, SEG to expand educational opportunities
A delegation from Swiss Education Group (SEG) visited university of Kashan and talked to the University authorities and city officials in order to expand cooperation in the field of hospitality and tourism management, Monday 30th May, 2016.
11 Saturday June 2016  14:31:4
 MoU signed between University of Kashan and the Italian Institute for Nuclear Physics
In order to establish a general framework of scientific and technical collaboration, University of Kashan and the Italian Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare (INFN) signed an MoU on Thursday, March 3, 2016.
7 Monday March 2016  9:3:13
 15 donor-funded projects under construction at University of Kashan
University of Kashan currently has 15 projects in progress which have been financed by donors and benefactors. The projects include construction of two dorms, second phase of law and engineering department buildings, Central Library and the library of Kashan Studies Research Center, establishment of two international chairs in astronomy and new energies as well as three online international courses, said the chancellor in his press conference on Wednesday.
12 Friday February 2016  19:52:0
 University of Kashan among top 10 universities in nanotechnology publications
University of Kashan was placed among the first ten national universities in publishing articles in the field of nanoscience in 2014, the chancellor said.
2 Tuesday February 2016  13:1:56
 Thomson Reuters names 4 faculty members of the University of Kashan among the top 1 percent of highly cited scholars
Four University of Kashan faculty members — Alireza Ashrafi and Abbas Saadatmandi from the Mathematics Department, Mehran Rezaee from Engineering Department, and Masood Salavati from Chemistry Department — have been named to the 2015 Thomson Reuters’ Highly Cited Researchers list.
23 Saturday January 2016  8:33:40
 Faculty member of the University Of Kashan among top 100 national elites
Prof. M. Salvati Niasar, a faculty member of Chemistry Department of the University Of Kashan, honored to be in the list of top 100 natinal elite scientists which is issued by Iranian Federation of Elite Scientists each year under supervision of Vice President for Science and Technology aimed at achieving a global scientific reference.
20 Wednesday January 2016  9:51:21
 The Establishment of The Second International Endowed Chair
Generously donated by Mrs. Noorbakhshian, the second international academic endowed chair was established at the University of Kashan in support of Prof. Mohammad Shahideh pour, a faculty member of the University of Illinois, US.
19 Tuesday January 2016  13:25:31
 The establishment of the second international endowed chair
Generously donated by Mrs. Noorbakhshian, the second international academic endowed chair was established at the University of Kashan in support of Prof. Mohammad Shahideh pour, a faculty member of the University of Illinois, US.
19 Tuesday January 2016  13:2:26
 Wild almond plantation in Ghamsar Essential Oil Research Institute of the University of Kashan
In a collaborative effort made by Water and Sustainable Development Research Centre of the University of Kashan, Kavir-e Sabz Association, (an environmental NGO active in Kashan), and with the help of more than 20 volunteers from Kavir-e Sabz Assn and employees of the University, 2.5 hectares of Natural Essential Oil Research Institute in Ghamsar were planted with drought resistance local wild almonds.
18 Monday January 2016  14:25:2
 The chancellor's congratulation message on the implementation of the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action JCPOA
In a message released by University of Kashan public relations, Dr. Abbas Zeraat the University Chancellor congratulated the Iranian nation on the implementation of the historic nuclear agreement reached between Iran and the P5 1 group of countries on July 14, 2015.
17 Sunday January 2016  9:52:6
 University of Kashan Journal was indexed in ISI Web Of Science
"Iranian Journal of Mathematical Chemistry" published by University of Kashan was accepted as the ISI journal.
15 Friday January 2016  13:2:48
 International workshop on “New Technologies and Survey of Troglodytic Architecture”
For the first time an international workshop on “New Technologies and Survey of Troglodytic Architecture” was held on the 5th and 6th of October in Kashan, by Professor Pietro Grimaldi of the Italian Bari University.
21 Monday December 2015  13:3:41
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