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24 Sunday June 2018
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University of Basrah Chancellor visits University of Kashan
 Dr. Al-Hesani, University of Basrah Chancellor, visited University of Kashan and met and discussed with University of Kashan Chancellor, said Director of International Scientific Cooperation Office.
Dr. Dasht Bozorgi stated that Dr. Al-Hesani’s visit to University of Kashan was to acquire knowledge about the bilateral ties between the two universities and student and professor exchange possibilities.
By signing a treaty in near future between the two universities, student exchange from university of Kashan in law, engineering, and nanotechnology majors for M.A. and Ph.D. students will occur.

In this meeting, Dr. Al-Hesani expressed his content of University of Kashan hosting him and added: “Scientific potentials of University of Kashan are considerable and we hope that by signing an agreement, scientific exchanges become possible.”
During the stay, University of Basrah Chancellor also visited workshops and laboratories of University of Kashan.
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