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20 Friday July 2018
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Dr. Mahdi Dasht Bozorgi
Head of International Scientific Cooperation Office

Phone: 0098   (31) 55912124-5
Fax:     0098   (31) 55515884


 Jaffar Sayeh Aftabi

International Scientific Cooperation Office Expert 

Phone: 0098 (31) 55912125






Creating, developing, and strengthening the relations and cooperation of University of Kashan in various educational, research, and cultural fields 
Reviewing and identifying educational and research cooperation areas with universities abroad 
Processing affairs related to the membership of university in educational and international communities 
Processing affairs related to holding, supervising, and evaluating scientific, regional, and international seminars and conferences in university
Reviewing and reflecting scientific and international courses, exhibitions, and conferences, also studying and reviewing foreign publications in this field
Reviewing and studying in various fields of professor and student exchange with foreign universities
Processing affairs related to the invitation of scientists and experts such as: setting up residency schedules, lectures, visits and receptions, etc. with collaboration and cooperation of faculties and concerned educational groups
Processing the affairs for active participation of faculty members in scientific and international conferences and seminars
Processing the affairs related to scientific, research, and technology agreements, memorandum of understandings, and cooperation contracts with universities overseas
Performing necessary reviews in order to attract Iranian scientists and experts living abroad
Admission, granting scholarship and visa for eligible foreign students to study in university in collaboration with the Foreign Ministry and other relevant institutions
Commenting on training missions, distribution and allocation of scholarships of the faculty members of University of Kashan
Processing affairs related to dispatching Persian teaching volunteers to abroad 
Facilitating academic links with universities abroad through effective communication with embassies and representatives of the Islamic Republic of Iran in foreign countries
Supervision and guidance of foreign students studying at university
Performing international correspondence of university
Establishing continuous and favorable communication with foreign educational centers to attract their cooperation in various educational and research fields 
Regular evaluation, preparation, and reflection of performed activities to the university chancellor

  International Scientific Cooperation Office

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6 Km Ghotbravandi Blvd, Kashan
postal code:8731753153